MJ-6200 Quick Release Strap Mount

Item No.: 31
Handlebar mount for Eagle M2 and Monteer 1400 bike lights.
Weight: 2.47 oz
Dimensions: 2.76 × 3.63 × 0.87 in
Compatibility :Compatible with MagicShine Eagle 300, Eagle 600, Eagle 700, Eagle M2 Bike Lights
Description DETAIL

Latest patented quick release mounting clip provides firm secure grip and easy to put on and take off. Requires allen key to install onto the handlebar, once installed, the light clips on and off.

The mount is supplied with three lengths of strap to fit bar sizes up to 36mm. Additional strap available for bar sizes of up to 41mm. 

Great for those of you who have more than one bike and want to make the transfer of lights between bikes effortless.

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