MJ-6017 Battery Strap x 2

Adjustable Velcro battery strap holds your Magicshine hard shell battery to your bike frame. Very robust, but sometimes you need a spare!

Compatible with MJ-6092/MJ-6096/MJ-6102/MJ-6106 batteries. (Please note the single default strap for MJ-6092 two cell battery is slightly wider than the ones from MJ-6017. This wide version of battery strap is not sold separately. )

Replace worn or damaged battery straps with high quality, inexpensive straps from Magicshine

MJ-6017-1MJ-6017-1 (2)MJ-6017-1 (7)MJ-6017-1 (4)ms-610b12MJ-6017-1 (8)