Item No.: 5
High powered COB red LED light source producing a max output of 20 lumens, capable of 180 degrees of visibility.
RUNTIME: 1.4H-21.7H
High powered COB red LED light source producing a max output of 20 lumens, capable of 180 degrees of visibility. One constant and 2 flash modes in 3 different brightness settings. Micro USB plug under its waterproof silicone port cover allows the bike taillight to be charged almost anywhere. Built in Lithium battery provides one and a half hour runtime on brightest constant mode, and 3 to 4 hours of continuous use on either of the flash modes on brightest.

The built in mounting base for the Seemee 20 rear bike light has a degree of slant so when installed, the lumens point straight backwards, securely held in place with silicone o-ring, the tail light is easily mounted and dismounted for each ride. Power button is big and built to the center of the unit, easily accessible with gloves.

tail light

Please take note while attempting to recharge:

bike rear light

By user: Already had a few red tail lights but such a great brand that I wanted to give it a try… Now this is the main one I am gonna use… Very bright, long charge life, easy to use, etc… Just wish there was a way clip it to my shorts, helmet, or basket because it’s kinda blocked by the tire or basket (unfortunately necessary) when strapped to the frame; then again I can figure a way to make this work

By user: Fast shipping, came with light and o-ring. The mounting base is built into the light at an angle so when installed the light is slanted upwards and not pointing to your back tire. It fits perfectly well as the o-ring is very elastic and has 2 clips. It says 20 lumens and I don’t know how these thing are measured but it’s definitely enough if not more than I need. I use the middle brightness on one of the flash modes, only needed to charge it once every few days.

By user: I use it for city commutes and went through so many tail lights over the years, most starts well but just falls apart, or some that are just pointlessly bright, which to me is just stupid to have. We are trying to avoid accidents aren’t we? Figured I’d get one from a notable brand this time. This light does the job well, it’s small, just bright enough, 2 flash modes and a constant and seem to last a long time on a single charge. Price is very budget friendly too. I’d recommend it to anyone that ride bikes in city traffic.